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What is BitSler ?



BitSler an online casino playable in cryptocurrency, which has over 3 years experience. 4 casino games are available.
He’s one of the leaders in crypto gambling.




  • – I start with the most important for gambling sites, BitSler is provably fair. Bitsler uses CSPRNG (Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator). I explain in detail below.
  • – 13 cryptocurrency are playable on the site (Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, ripple, dogecoin, dash, zcoin, ethereum classic, neo, stratis, komodo, burst).
  • – Free bitcoin to test the site
  • – A big community
  • – Many promotions
  • – 10 differents chats to discuss in many languages
  • – The edge (the casino advantage) of Bistler is only 1% (On Internet gambling sites this ranges from 1% to more than 10% and certainly more on sites without provably fair…)
  • – An exchange is available on the site to exchange these cryptos
  • – Instant deposit
– Support H24 7/7


What is “provably fair” ?


I’ll start with the most important thing. The provably fair! Never play on a gambling site where you can’t check every one of his bets !
Players always fear to be cheated on an online casino. This is understandable because it is technically very easy for an online casino to just make you lose. In the Bitcoin gambling community we have a solution for this called “provably fair”. Provably fair is a tool that enables you (the player) to verify each roll result and make sure you are not being cheated !


How does provably fair work ?


Although there are several implementations of the provably fair method, we will describe the most common one. With this method each roll-result is calculated by the following variables :
Serverseed – provided by the gambling site
Clientseed – provided by your browser and adjusted by you
Nonce – A number that increases with each bet you make
You will get an encrypted hash of the serverseed before you start gambling. Since you get it in advance, the site cannot change it later. However it is encrypted, so you cannot calculate your own roll results in advance (only afterwards if you get the unhashed serverseed).
Your browser will generate a random clientseed. However, you could and should adjust this clientseed before you start. This way you can make sure the site does not know your clientseed in advance.
You can check your bets here ( there are also other official sites to check, I’ll show you below how to do it.




To get started click here :
I’ll explain the first steps on bitsler, we’ll start by creating an account and securing it !
Choose a username and click “play now” and complete the CAPTCHA.



We’ll start by securing our account by clicking on “security account”.



I advise you to at least put a passport and the TWO FACTOR (Google Authenticator).



We will now claim the free faucets to be able to test if the site is provably fair. Go to the toolbar on the left and click on the bitcoin icon, complete the CAPTCHA and click on “Get faucet”.



The site offered us 150 satoshis to test the site.



I will now play 10 bets and check the results that Bitsler gives me and the result that the site gives me dicesite to check if the site is provably fair. I will bet 1 satoshis and play 10 bet by clicking on “ROLL DICE”. We now have our last 10 roll numbers (in blue).



I will now be able to check… Start by clicking on “Provably Fair” and click on “Change your seeds” and return to the menu “Provably fair”.



Go to Dicesites, reference site to test the provably fair of online casinos.
We will start to choose from which game we want to check the bets, here the dice. We will copy the bitsler information as shown on the screen and click on “Verify”.



The result appears below, it is now necessary to check the results of the roll with those on bitsler… We can see that the results correspond! Bitsler is provably fair !!







I will now answer frequently asked questions from new players about BitSler.


How to claim FREE FAUCETS ?


As seen above on the tutorial just click on the Bitcoin logo in the left toolbar, complete the CAPTCHA and you will receive your bitcoin.
The amount of the faucets depends on your level on BitSler.


How to change cryptocurrency on BitSler ?


Click on the logo at the top right of the screen and simply choose which crypto you want to play!



How to deposit and withdraw on BitSler ?


Choose your currency and simply click on deposit, a bitcoin address is assigned to you. Now just go to your wallet and send the amount you want to this address.



To withdraw your crypto on your wallet click on “Withdraw” (next to “Deposit”). Copy the bitcoin address of your wallet, choose the amount and click on “Withdraw”.
You will quickly receive your withdrawal on your wallet.



What is the minimum withdrawal amount for each currency ?

BITCOIN (btc) : 0.00200
ETHEREUM (eth) : 0.03000
LITECOIN (ltc) : 0.15000
BITCOIN CASH (bch) : 0.01000
RIPPLE (xrp) : 15.00000
DOGECOIN (doge) : 4,000.00000
DASH (dash) : 0.04000
ZCASH (zec) : 0.07500
ETHEREUM CLASSIC (etc) : 1.00000
NEO (neo) : 1.00000
STRATIS (strat) : 3.00000
KOMODO (kmd) : 5.00000
BURST (burst) : 800.00000

What are the minimum withdrawal fees for each currency ?

– BITCOIN (btc) : 0.00020000
– ETHEREUM (eth) : 0.00100000
– LITECOIN (ltc) : 0.00200000
– BITCOIN CASH (bch) : 0.00050000
– RIPPLE (xrp) : 1.00000000
– DOGECOIN (doge) : 3.00000000
– DASH (dash) : 0.00030000
– ZCASH (zec) : 0.00030000
– ETHEREUM CLASSIC (etc) : 0.00100000
– NEO (neo) : 0.00100000
– STRATIS (strat) : 0.00100000
– KOMODO (kmd) : 0.00200000
– BURST (burst) : 1.00000000

What are the min/max bet amounts on Dice ?

– BITCOIN (btc) : 0.00000001 / 10
– ETHEREUM (eth) : 0.00000010 / 100
– LITECOIN (ltc) : 0.00000050 / 200
– BITCOIN CASH (bch) : 0.00000005 / 15
– RIPPLE (xrp) : 0.00015000 / 10,000
– DOGECOIN (doge) : 0.05000000 / 2,500,000
– DASH (dash) : 0.00000020 / 25
– ZCASH (zec) : 0.00000025 / 50
– ETHEREUM CLASSIC (etc) : 0.00000500 / 750
– NEO (neo) : 0.00000200 / 125
– STRATIS (strat) : 0.00003000 / 1,500
– KOMODO (kmd) : 0.00004000 / 2,500
– BURST (burst) : 0.10000000 / 3,000,000


How to access the chat ?


Simply click the icon at the top of the screen (look the screen) and choose your chat language.



How to win “rain” of cryptocurrency ?


What is rain ? The Rain are gifts from players for other players in a random way in the chat discussion. To be able to win them, you must be level 5 and have recently participated in the chat.



How to choose different games ?


Click on the games on the top left and choose one of the 4 games (Dice, Roulette, Multicolor, CaraYcruz).



How to see our statistics on BitSler ? And how to make them private ?


To see your statistics on BitSler go to the 3rd icon on the left toolbar and click on “statistics”. You can see your results for each currency.



If you want to make your results private just click on your nickname at the top right of the site and click on “Settings”. Then check the box “Hide total profit from public”.



Your profile is now private !


How to put an avatar on BitSler ?


Go to the 2nd icon in the toolbar and click on “Edit avatar”. Upload a photo from your computer and click on the small green box to confirm !


What promotion does Bitsler offer ?


At any time of the day the moderators organize very simple games on the chat discussion bitsler. Winners win cryptomonnaies and a lottery is also organized every day.
Bitsler organizes many promotions. You can consult them by visiting the Bitsler forum (BitSler forum).



Here are some examples of promotion winners !



How to win the Jackpot on Bitsler ?


On Bitsler a jackpot is to be won for each game and on each currency.
It is indicated at the top of each page each time. To win the jackpot you must hit the roll 77.77 and your two last digits of your ID bet must be 77 (i.e : xx,xxx,x77).
A % of the jackpot will be won according to the bet amount. (More details in the screen below).
You can see the list of the latest winners by clicking on “Jackpot”.



You’re ready to play on BitSler now ! Good luck to all !


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