Tutorial Binance (Cryptocurrency exchange)

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What is Binance ?


Binance is a brand new trading platform that was launched in 07/2017. It is already one of the 3 largest global Cryptocurrency trading platforms.




-Deposit Fees : Free
-The interface is easy and pleasant to take in hand
-More than 100 different Cryptocurrencies available.
-The support is rather fast
-Many free promotions
-Top 3 exchange volume
-Available market : BTC/X, ETH/X, BNB/X, USDT/X




Let’s go to : www.binance.com. Click on “Create an Account”.



You will need to enter your e-mail address and choose a password. An E-mail with a confirmation link will be sent to your address.



You can enable a 2FA (two factor authentication) for more security. (with Google Authenticator)



After, to see your balance on binance, deposit or withdraw your currency click on Funds at the top page and choose “Deposits Withdrawals”



You can see here your balance for each cryptocurrency, to deposit or withdraw it is very simple. Just click on deposit or withdraw on the currency you have chosen.
Now that you have made a deposit on Binance, you can start trading. Click on exchange, i advise using basic unless you familiar with trading.



We must first choose the market on which we will trade, top right. You can trade currencies against Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Binance Coin or Tether (USDT). (In green on the picture)
Just below, you can see the list of currencies that can be traded against the BTC. Click on the currency you want to buy or sell.
There is also an option to search for the currency you want (in red).
At the bottom of the page, you have the tab to buy or sell the currency in question (in blue).



In the exemple, we will buy TRX with Bitcoin.
Now you have 3 choice (in red) :
– Limit : Choose your price
– Market : Buy at market price
– Stop Limit : Set a price for a buy/sell order in advance
If you choose “Limit”, it will then fix its price, and then choose the amount you want to buy (or sell). With “Market”, you just have to choose the amount. You will see below the total sum of the purchase/sale.
When you have finished setting your sale/purchase price you validate by clicking on buy/sell.



To make a withdrawal, return to the Funds tab ans then “Deposit Withdrawals”. Click “the withdraw” button to the currency you want.
The withdrawal daily is 2 Bitcoin (or equivalent)/Day. You can increaase to 100 Bitcoin/Day after completing any information. (Id card,Passport…)


You can start trading on Binance now !

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